“Thanks a lot. Your classes and guidance have helped my son score

perfect Math SAT score.”

-SAT Math Tutoring

“When we started the tutoring Alexis had a 73 grade in math. Within a month and a half she was much more confident and was enjoying doing math again and her overall grade had risen to a 90! She also will give him extra work to practice throughout the week to make sure he gets plenty of practice on what they are learning in class. Now, even after not needing the tutoring on a scheduled basis. (per Sindu she could no longer find challenging questions for my daughter so she could stop tutoring unless she starts struggling and needing help again) so it has been a month or so without

tutoring and Alexis has a 98 in her advanced math class and is doing wonderful!

-Pre-Algebra Math Tutoring

“Sindu has been an excellent tutor for our son, who is studying math at the university level online. She is capable, clear and readily available to help.”

University Math Tuition

“she is very patient and helps me understand what I’m doing wrong.”

– A Level Math Tuition

“I learnt a lot more than I ever did in actual school classes. She taught course material use fun, personal anecdotes and her own material.”

– O level Math Tuition

“Miss Madison not only has straight A’s since we started homeschooling, now we can proudly say she has an A in math. Thank you Sindu for all your support, your teaching skills and patience with Madison Melton and myself!”

-Homeschooling Math – Geometry Tutoring

“Sindu is extremely knowledgeable and she really takes the time to explain the problems in as many ways possible. My child is no longer afraid of doing maths! We definitely plan to continue working with the during the school year.”

-Eight Grade Math Tutoring