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Hello all! I am Sindu, the founder of Sindu’s Math Tutoring. About me, I have a Master’s degree in Math and I am very fortunate to have worked with hundreds of families across the U.S. My love for teaching Math started when Math started to make sense to me, I was a struggler who went on to get a Master’s degree in Math. I specialize in upper level Math and Calculus AP, 1, 2, 3, Differential Equations, Linear Algebra and Discrete Math are my jam. Please feel free to send me a message if you have any more questions. Anytime 🙂

Sindu Bharathi


  • I’m so happy Sindu reached out to me after I posted about my son’s troubles in Freshman Engineering Calculus! He started the semester making a 65 on his first test & just finished the semester with an 85 on the final. I couldn’t be happier with these services!!! –  Jessica, Calculus 3.
  • Went into my Calc 1 final needing a C on the test to pass the class. Had no room to spare, make a 70 pass, 69 and I would have to take the class again. Sindu spent the weekend reviewing problems with me. She helped to clear up concept issues that without her tutoring I hadn’t grasped. Three days of over hour long sessions I ended up making a B on my final and passing the class. – Josh, Calculus 1.
  • We found Sindu through another FB page when I asked for recommendations for my college freshman son in Calculus. At first, I was a little worried about the remote learning but it was as if she was sitting with him in the room. My son did very well in his class and we will be continuing to work with Sindu in his STATS class. She also has great referrals for other tutors in various subjects. – Kelly, Calculus 1.

  • Sindu have been an excellent tutor for our son when he was struggling with Algebra 2. She worked very patiently with him until he understood the work. Her teaching and patience have allowed him to pass his Algebra 2 Regents exam. I’d recommend her 100%! – McClean, Algebra 2.

  • Math classes are fun, dare I say. With Sindhu ma’am’s classes, I learnt a lot more than I ever did in actual school classes. She taught course material use fun, personal anecdotes and her own material. The best part of all is that she is always available and will message answers and solutions at any time – Shriya, Middle school Math.

  • Sindu was a life saver during my final semester for College. She worked many hours with me to make sure I was successful in my Statistics class. I highly recommend her for all of your math needs. Because of her tutoring, I will be passing my stats class. – Tammy, Statistics with SPSS.

  • Sindhu has been an excellent tutor for our son, who is studying math at the university level online. She is capable, clear and readily available to help. She guides him to solve the problems and understand the material himself, which has prepared him well for his exams. She is also very flexible and able to meet our time requirements. We strongly recommend her services. – Melanie, Complex Analysis and Number Theory