AP Statistics Vs AP Calculus
AP Statistics Vs AP Calculus

Your Love for Math

If you have a knack for pure Math and would love to immerse yourself in Analysis and Algebra in the future, You should opt for Calculus without a second thought.  Or, if you are curious about Applications of Math and would love to play with data, then Statistics is your cup of tea.


If you have plans to major in STEM, then AP Calculus is a must in high school. AP Statistics is a better option for Commerce, Business and Finance majors. You can choose both if you want to major in Math and Statistics. it is up to you.


Also for some, AP Statistics is a cakewalk and many find
it extremely hard. I personally think that people with good reading
comprehension find AP stats easy. In the case of Calculus, I think you can
evaluate yourself with the help of your performance in Pre-calculus.


Now coming to the Statistics,

AP Calculus AB

Passing Rate: 57.1%
Five Rate: 21.3%

AP Calculus BC

Passing Rate: 80% 
Five Rate: 44.6%

AP Statistics

Passing Rate: 57.3%

Five Rate: 13.2%

Note: The statistics above can be misleading because one should also consider the potential of students opting for the subjects. Usually, STEM students outperform Arts students in Math. People opting for Calculus would most probably choose to major in STEM in the future.

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