How I became a successful online
Math tutor

You’re here because…

Your grades or the grades of your child are suffering when it comes to math.
Navigating the ins and outs of each equation is leaving behind nothing but headaches.
It’s a struggle each day to try and make sense of this subject.

You need:

Something or someone to make sense of it all.

A new way to learn these difficult equations.

Tests and homework to become easy.

Math grades to improve.

It seems overwhelming right now, but it is possible to improve in math!

Hi! I’m Sindu, and with my Master’s Degree in Math, I tutor students all over the world.

I have helped students in the United States, Australia, India, Israel, and the United Kingdom to grasp the difficult concepts of various math courses from middle school to college.

Some of the students I have helped have been from Johns Hopkins University, Penn State, and California Poly Tech


I began tutoring other students when I was in high school.
My friends really loved my teaching style, and soon word spread to my neighborhood that I was the one to learn from.

I quickly began tutoring classes of 10 students in my home, and I loved it!
After high school, affording college was difficult, so I continued tutoring by offering one-on-one sessions for students in their homes.

After a year, I was able to attend college, but I did not stop tutoring on the weekends.

Each day, I would travel 50 miles to reach and help my students.
The travel was difficult, but I loved working with my students and watching them thrive.

In college, I was ranked in the top three performers of my class.
Even though math wasn’t my strength growing up, I exceeded my own expectations by working hard and helping others.
I learned how artistic and beautiful the subject is and fell in love with learning more about it.
It is one of the many reasons I chose to still be a math tutor.

I now am able to work virtually with students by utilizing an online whiteboard and video conferencing.
I work as a teammate with my students to grow their knowledge in math while passing on the techniques I have developed over my years of studying math.

I love tutoring and believe it is a mutually rewarding experience.

My students are able to learn tips, tricks, and techniques to help them excel in their classes, and I learn more about how to tutor properly for different learning styles every time a student asks a question.

My hope is that I can help change the outlook my students have on math by showing them that it doesn’t have to be as difficult as it seems.

I hope to help raise grades while raising awareness that math can be easy if the right techniques are applied.

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