Online Algebra Tutoring?

Do you need an expert help to learn Algebra, someone who will help you to discover your Math Abilities. You don’t understand your Algebra Lessons? Feeling Helpless with your Homeworks? Graphings and Functions suck, Aren’t they? Feeling lost Among x and ys? 
You aren’t alone. Don’t be too harsh on yourself. I am Sindu  and I have been tutoring algebra online for the past 5 years. I completely understand you and Trust me I have been there and done that. 
 what If I guarantee that  you will be that confident person breezing through the Algebra problems you once found difficult.  What if I tell you that Math wouldn’t be that one thing stopping you from being confident and happy. I am not over promising. I have been doing it for several years now.  
I have had parents and students thanking me for the happiness and confidence my lessons have brought in them. From a 50 years old mom to a 12 years old ADHD Student. Don’t believe me?? See for yourself.

College Algebra tutor online: 

Otherwise known as High school Algebra, It covers numbers, polynomials, Inequalities, sequences and sums, many types of functions and how to solve them.  I can tutor you to master College Algebra easily. You can book a consultation here.


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Pre Algebra Tutor online

Pre Algebra is the first highschool Math course and you will learn about number arithmetic, New types of numbers (Integers, fractions, decimal and negative numbers, Factorization of natural numbers, operations, roots and powers, expressions ( Precedence, Parentheses), equations, variables and exponentiation. I tutor Pre-Algebra Online and if you want to learn more, go ahead and book a free consultation and assessment.