Benefits of Online Learning Over Conventional Learning

Benefits of Online learning over Traditional learning

Traditional education (classroom education) is structured in such a way that it churns out a mass, disciplined workforce with basic knowledge to meet the labor demands.

Apart from stressful homework and learning information from stressed and underpaid teachers, students have to go through social anxiety due to bullying and popular culture, among other things. The frequent shootings in the US vouch for this.

Furthermore, according to the International Labor Organization, due to the recent changes in the tech world, like automation and artificial intelligence, the workforce demand in all sectors would soon undergo a massive change which will not be compensated by the supplies of our traditional education system.

Thus, to remain relevant and competitive the student has to grow and polish the skill sets necessary in a day where they spend the majority of the time in a classroom with relatively less learning output. It is strenuous and depressing.

Online Education, something that many parents are confused about, is a learning environment that you and I dreamed about during our school time, sitting in a boring History class.

The advantages online education have over classroom education are humongous.


Kids learn at their own pace. They neither lag behind nor sit bored wasting time.

Hobby Time

If your kid wants to take a piano class in between classes or wants to paint a magnificent portrait, they can. They get ample hobby time in peace. No missing breakfast or school buses anymore.

Input-Output Ratio

Your kid will learn what he wants to learn, when he wants to learn it. Do you know, as a kid Einstein could not perform well in any subject except mathematics?

Parenting Made Easy

You as a parent do not have to meet teachers or the principal anymore.

However, Online education needs self-discipline and motivation. With these things it can be very rewarding.

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