Is AP Statistics Hard?

AP Statistics has a lot of Vocabulary in it. It is just a different form of Math. People who do extremely well in Calculus can find Statistics hard. It also heavily depends on your teacher and your school. And it is not an exam one can pass without studying. Pay attention to the Nomeclature.

Prerequisites for AP Statistics

According to the College Board, “The AP Statistics course is an excellent option for any secondary school student who has successfully completed a second-year course in algebra and who possesses sufficient mathematical maturity and quantitative reasoning ability.”  In most schools the Prerequisite is the successful completion of Algebra 2.

AP Statistics Self Studying Tips

  • Get a Good AP Statistics Review Book or AP Statistics Study Guide.
  • Stick to only one or two online resources. Multiple resources might distract you.
  • Learn to Use the Calculator, Practice and Master it. You are not going to survive AP Stats without that.
  • Pay attention to the Nomenclature, AP Statistics is Vocabulary heavy.
  • Maintain a Cheat sheet for every chapter.
  • Hire an AP Statistics Tutor if you are stuck.

Why should you take AP Statistics?

  • It is great option for both Humanities and STEM aspirants.
  • Statistics has been taught in almost all degree courses now. Nursing, Psychology, Education, you name it.
  • It is great for reading and interpreting a lot of research papers.
  • You can major in Statistics and become a Statistician
  • And most importantly, You can’t be easily fooled by Data and Statistics! Torture Data, it will admit to anything

Online AP Statistics Resources

AP Statistics Vs AP Calculus?
Read this blog post right here.
Is it wise to take AP Statistics and Calculus at the same time? 
Absolutely. Many students take these courses simultaneously and manage to do great in both of them. But, be mindful of the stress you subject yourself to. If you are recommended for both courses, go for it!

Looking for a AP Statistics Tutor near you?

Book a free consultation to see if we are the Best fit. I provide Statistics tutoring Online through Video calls. I have all necessary tools to give you the best experience with a Non obligatory demo lesson. Here is my Blog Post on AP Statistics and AP Calculus.