How to Pass GED Math Test in your first Attempt?

People take GED for many reasons. Career Prospectus, Self Validation, and Escaping poverty being some of them. And unfortunately, it is no cake walk for most of the test takers. It is almost impossible to remember things people learned in School. Despite all these, Thousands of people pass GED every year.

 This post will help you to device a Study Plan for GED Math to pass it in your first attempt.


So, I came across this question on a popular QA site.

I’ve passed 3 of 4 tests of the GED, except math. I’ve taken it 3 times, and failed. How do I pass the GED Math test?


And trust me, this is quite common. Many GED test takers are scared of Math. But with Proper Guidance and Practice, Math can be cleared in the first attempt.

People take GED for many reasons. Career Prospectus, Self Validation, and Escaping poverty being some of them.

And the first question that many of us have about getting a GED is

How to Pass the GED Math Test

“Is GED Test Hard to Pass?”

Well, Honestly Yes! But, thousands of people pass everywhere, and most of them started just like you.

You need to learn Math, Science, Language and Social Studies to Pass GED.

Now this post is only about Math and we will see How to learn GED Math.




Learn What Math is on the GED test. Mostly Word problems, Graphing, Charts, and Graph, Solving Linear Equations, Functions and Geometry.

Does it seem all Greek and Latin? No issues. Start from Scratch, that’s what almost all the GED test takers do. Make a Plan, Time management is crucial. Attend GED Math Classes. Libraries offer free Math lessons. Need more help?


Find Similar people, collect resources, learn about free online resources (there are wonderful free resources in the internet). Find Similar People, this Facebook community is Amazing for GED test takers.


Maintain a separate notebook. No way in the world, you are going to Clear Math by reading it. Get your hand do the Problem!!! Practice. Practice. Practice. There are many YouTube channels that teach Math GED. Don’t hesitate to ask for Help.


Practice. Test. Revise. Consistency is the Key.


Testing GED Math.

Practice tests can help you to overcome the Exam Fear. You can find Sample GED Math Questions online. Download Free Printable GED Math Practice tests. Practice them. Learn to Use the Calculator. You can also buy Practice tests from the GED Website.


If you don’t have time for all these, Please get some GED Math Tutoring. A GED Math Tutor can help you to cope up with all these.

Be happy, Have a Growth Mindset. Visualize getting a GED Diploma. You can easily get demotivated, Easily!

Don’t Give up!! You have been through worse. All the Best!!

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