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I tutor Pre Calculus Online.  

Hi! I’m Sindu, and with my Master’s Degree in Math, I tutor students all over the world. I have helped students in the United States, Australia, India, Israel, and the United Kingdom to grasp the difficult concepts of various math courses from middle school to college.  Read my success stories here

"My child was struggling with everything in her 7th grade advance math class. She was having a hard time understanding the way the teacher taught and had fallen behind and lost her love for math and the confidence she once had. 

When we started the tutoring Alexis had a 73 grade in math. Within a month and a half she was much more confident and was enjoying doing math again and her overall grade had risen to a 90! Now, even after not needing the tutoring on a scheduled basis (per Sindu she could no longer find challenging questions for my daughter so she could stop tutoring unless she starts struggling and needing help again) so it has been a month or so without tutoring and Alexis has a 98 in her advanced math class and is doing wonderful! 
Sindu got her caught up and her love and confidence of math back and she is doing great all on her own again! She has received a grade on any quiz, test or math assignment under a 90 in months now.

As a parent, I dont think I could find someone better to work with! You were very flexible and available anytime needed, went above and beyond what I could have expected by checking her school homework in between lessons and sending and correcting worksheets to make sure she actually understood everything you guys worked on and could do it on her own. I honestly could never Thank You enough for how much you cared about Alexis and how hard you worked to help not only succeed but excel. There is no way anyone could find someone easier to work with, sweeter, more helpful, caring and as affordable as you! You were really a diamond in the rough for us!"  
Ms. Shauna
South Carolina

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