Britt, Arizona


"Sindu has been an excellent tutor for our son, who is studying math at the university level online. She is capable, clear and readily available to help. She guides him to solve the problems and understand the material himself, which has prepared him well for his exams. She is also very flexible and able to meet our time requirements. We strongly recommend her services." 


"Sindu has been such a great help. She has given me the confidence I need to succeed. She cares about her students and I would absolutely recommend her services!"

Ms. Amanda
Queensland, Australia


"Thanks a lot. Your classes and guidance have helped my son score perfect Math SAT score. You are an ideal guide to students. "


"My child was struggling with everything in her 7th grade advance math class. She was having a hard time understanding the way the teacher taught and had fallen behind and lost her love for math and the confidence she once had. 

When we started the tutoring Alexis had a 73 grade in math. Within a month and a half she was much more confident and was enjoying doing math again and her overall grade had risen to a 90! Now, even after not needing the tutoring on a scheduled basis (per Sindu she could no longer find challenging questions for my daughter so she could stop tutoring unless she starts struggling and needing help again) so it has been a month or so without tutoring and Alexis has a 98 in her advanced math class and is doing wonderful! 
Sindu got her caught up and her love and confidence of math back and she is doing great all on her own again! She has received a grade on any quiz, test or math assignment under a 90 in months now.

As a parent, I dont think I could find someone better to work with! You were very flexible and available anytime needed, went above and beyond what I could have expected by checking her school homework in between lessons and sending and correcting worksheets to make sure she actually understood everything you guys worked on and could do it on her own. I honestly could never Thank You enough for how much you cared about Alexis and how hard you worked to help not only succeed but excel. There is no way anyone could find someone easier to work with, sweeter, more helpful, caring and as affordable as you! You were really a diamond in the rough for us!"  
Ms. Shauna
South Carolina

10th grade Geometry

 " Isaiah has been struggling very much with geometry this year so we decided to get him some extra help. Sindu is great with helping him understand which formulas he needs to be using and breaking down the problems and going over them until he understands them completely. She also will give him extra work to practice throughout the week to make sure he gets plenty of practice on what they are learning in class. Overall, we have had a great experience and I would recommend Sindu to anyone looking for a math tutor."

Loudon County, Viriginia


"Math classes with ma'am are fun and interesting. Even when I don't understand something or when I'm frustrated, she is very patient and helps me understand what I'm doing wrong. She is also responsible for helping me achieve a perfect score in my Mathematics SAT Subject Test. Thank you ma'am! "

Mr. parth

University Math

 " Sindu has been an incredible find for us. Her ability to work patiently and collaboratively on high level math has been essential to his comprehension. She makes any time zone work. Highly recommended.  " 

Mr. Norbert


Math classes are fun, dare I say. With Sindu ma'am's classes, I learnt a lot more than I ever did in actual school classes. She taught course material use fun, personal anecdotes and her own material. The best part of all is that she is always available and will message answers and solutions at any time!

Ms. Shriya


 "Sindu teaches math in a simple way and makes it easy to understand.She taught my daughter for 2 years, was very useful to us. She also taught my brother for his 12th Exam which helped to pass his Exams. "

Ms. Lalitha