YouTube Channels for Math Motivated High Schoolers

YouTube channels every math motivated High Schooler should know about:

If you are someone who thinks that math teachers and school books don’t do justice to your inquisitive mind, you are not alone. Subscribe to these channels to keep yourself motivated.

YouTube Channels for Math Motivated High Schoolers
  1. MathAntics: Math Antics does basic math but a lot funnier.
  2. Mathematicsonline: Must subscribe for geometry and also has videos to interpret equations geometrically.
  3. LeiosOS:  Anyone who aspires to become a software engineer one day should definitely check out the videos in this channel. Very insightful and I loved the Linear Algebra part of it. One can learn the basics of Data Structures, Graph theory and Algorithms here. Hasn’t been active in the recent past. The old uploads are great.
  4. Numberphile: Most subscribed math channel. Makes math videos for general populace, can be binge watched. Very active in uploads too.
  5. Mathologer: Again like Numberphile. Makes videos on popular math problems like Riemann Conjecture, FLT etc. Must follow.
  6. 3Blue1brown: Beautiful and appeasing visualizations. I dug it out from YouTube. Must watch.
  7. Hotel Infinity: It covers interesting  mathematical paradoxes. Makes them easy to understand.
  8. 3D printing math: It makes 3D printed math structures. Quite Amusing.
  9. Khan Academy: Classic. Vast so know what you want to learn and search. Don’t binge watch.

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